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Advertising in the Aerodrome Database

Aerodrome Database is the most common source of aerodrome and VFR flying information for the Czech and Slovak Republic. You can find it in almost every aircraft. The vast majority of pilots using it on every flight and at preflight briefing. Foreign pilots use it while flying to/from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is actively used by most companies working in general aviation and also government. Aerodrome database contains all information needed for flying in VFR conditions. The publication is prepared to last one whole year and new issue is always available at the beginning of the flying season. This year is the 26th edition of the Aerodrome Database.

Databáze letišť Aerodrome Database 2023 EDITION
Aerodrome Database is the most used pilot’s guide for VFR flying within the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.
The total distributed number of copies is more than 8 000 copies per year (5 000 hard copies + more than 3 000 digital copies).
Aerodrome Database has stable group of subscribers, i.e. almost every pilot will receive a copy of the publication directly to the letter box. The publication is also regularly distributed to members of LAA ČR.
Aerodrome Database is used by pilots also during preflight preparation. It is frequently used by each company concerned of CZ/SK general aviation.
Aerodrome Database is valid for whole season and majority of pilots use it and thumb through it on every flight
Aerodrome Database including also Aeronautical Chart VFR 1:500 000 CZ+SK of the Czech and Slovak Republic territory.
Aerodrome Database is available digitally also at fully ENGLISH EDITION - frequently used by foreign pilots
Users: pilots, aircraft owners, flight schools, government. More than 10 000 pilots - it is more than 90% of the Czech and Slovak pilots and over 4 500 aircraft owners.

Aerodrome Database is the ideal place for your whole year campaign!

Advertising in the Aerodrome Database - Marketing Case Study
TL Ultralight
There is no need to introduce TL Ultralight in our local market or worldwide. Their aircraft fly on all continents, their production in the last 30 years has far exceeded 1000 airplanes. As a company with a global reach, they need to address existing and potential new customers in a targeted manner throughout the year. A long-term advertising campaign on the exclusive cover page of the Aerodrome Database provides TL Ultralight with an effective marketing tool that helps in the long-term promotion of manufactured aircraft and provided services. At the same time, it provides brand support - to be constantly in the eyes of customers.

Advertisement TL Ultralight

Savage Aircraft
In the last six years, we have tried a small experiment on the Czech market together with the Savage Aircraft dealer. These aircraft have been manufactured for many years (since 1997) directly in the Czech Republic - in the factory of the Italian owner. Unfortunately, for a long time, we lacked an active Savage Aircraft dealer who could offer a comprehensive service to potential customers. Therefore, only a few of them were sold in the Czech Republic during the entire production period. Although it is a unique aircraft that has the potential to appeal to many pilots and satisfy them.
Six years ago, a new strong dealer entered the Czech market. Acrobatic pilot Marek Hyka - a well-known and knowledgeable person, with extensive aviation experience. This was the first solid stone of success in our market. However, he needed to reach a wide base of potential customers. He chose a year-round advertising campaign in the Aerodrome Database and the success quickly came. In six years of operating on our market, he has sold 35 aircraft. A large part of this was the flight schools, whose customers began to ask about the possibilities of flying with this beautiful aircraft. Marek Hyka chose a long-term advertising campaign in the Aerodrome Database in the size of the whole page for a discounted price to start his business.

Advertisement Savage Aircraft

Advertising in the Aerodrome Database
Promotion in the Aerodrome Database brings significant support for a positive media image to all advertisers. If you offer a service or product that is only requested by a narrow group of end customers, the possibilities of our help are also limited, but if you offer a generally demanded product and a comprehensive service on the market, advertising in the Aerodrome Database can help you significantly!
The advertising campaigns in the Aerodrome Database are also very positively perceived by the entire community of pilots and all persons involved in the field of general aviation. Therefore, the offer of advertising in the Aerodrome Database is focused primarily on companies offering goods and services in our branch. The Aerodrome Database can effectively reach your potential customers throughout the year.

Advertising in the Aerodrome Database - Marketing Case Study

For 26 years, the Aerodrome Database has been

Jiří Tlustý

Our company has been advertising in the Aerodrome Database since the beginning of its publication. We have been satisfied with the advertising campaign for a long time. The Aerodrome Database has an irreplaceable place in our media mix, mainly due to its year-round scope and addressing a wide group of customers.
Jiří Tlustý, owner and CEO of TL Ultralight
Marek Hyka

The advertising campaign in the Aerodrome Database brings a positive and long-term response to our company. Thanks to this form of promotion, we were able to reach all pilots with our offer and gain many satisfied customers.
Marek Hyka, Savage Aircraft representative
Patrik Sainer

Of course, advertising alone is not enough for your success, but with the right long-term campaign, your business will be much more effective. In the Aerodrome Database, I can provide you with the most effective brand support and marketing of your products or services. I understand marketing on the Czech and Slovak general and small aviation markets very well. I have been doing it successfully for 26 years!
Patrik Sainer, publisher of the Aerodrome Database
Patrik Sainer, phone: (+420) 602 420 260

Avion® - Patrik Sainer, Tušť 167, 378 06 Suchdol n/L, Czech Republic, phone: (+420) 222 720 960, fax: (+420) 222 720 961, www.avion.eu, e-mail: , VAT no: CZ7308260047,
Advertisement acquisition and processing: Patrik Sainer, phone: (+420) 602 420 260

Publication range and print run
Publication range: approximately 228 pages formated A5 + Aeronautical charts enclosed. Print run: 5 000 hard copies + more than 3 000 digital copies annually, retail price: 650 CZK / 27 EUR.

Aerodrome Database is distributed via publisher’s own mail-delivery shop (CZ/SK and Europe), via a retail network (shops at aerodromes, specialized general aviation supply shops, aviation companies, aeroclubs, flight clubs), shops with sports and technical literature throughtout the CR and SR, presented at exhibitions and other events.

Range of users
Aerodrome Database is used mainly by active pilots, aircraft owners, instructors and examiners, military pilots, ambulance and police pilots, people and companies, which operate in the aviation industry, aeroclubs, schools and all aviation operators in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad.
Number of users:
One copy is on average used by      1-2 pilots (i.e. is owned by a club, is placed in an aircraft used by several pilots)
Number of Aerodrome Database users      over 10 000 pilots
More than 90% of Czech and Slovak pilots use the Aerodrome Database at least once a week.

According to the Light Aircraft Association ČR and the aviation registry there are at Czech republic currently (aprox.): ~1900 UL planes, helicopters, autogyro and powered trikes, ~170 UL gliders and hang gliders, ~2470 airplanes and gliders under 5.7t (a total of ~4540 planes). The number of pilots is roughly two or three times the number of aircraft (aprox.): ~5100 pilots of UL planes, helicopters, autogyro and powered trikes, ~270 hang glider pilots, ~4160 airplane and helicopter pilots, ~4300 glider pilots. It is important to note that the number of pilots partly overlap, since many pilots fly more categories - airplanes and gliders or UL for example. Entries are current at 2015 and 2016.

User profile
The Database is used by active, productive people The average age of the user is 35-40 years
The users apply the Aerodrome Database regularly An average of 1.5x a week
over 80% of users apply the Aerodrome Database during each flight
One database is used by more users One copy is used by an average of 1.5 users
(i.e. is owned by a club, is placed in an arcraft used by several pilots, pilots lend it each other)
The Database is used by pilots of all aircraft category UL planes 40%, airplanes 30%, gliders 30%
(many users fly on different types of aircraft together)
The Database is used by most aircraft owners and operators 40% of users own their own aircraft
39% are thinking of buying a new aircraft or selling current aircraft and buying a new
These statistics are part of a long term study.

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Advertisement acquisition and production: Patrik Sainer, phone: (+420) 602 420 260.

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